Kate Spade Wishlist

Kate Spade

This morning I'm heading to an event for Tarazz but last night as I was going through their updated site just to refresh in my mind what was on offer but I stumbled across a section I'd never been in before. I think it's new because I'm pretty sure I would have been all over it by now, Tarazz can ship Kate Spade to Australia. Sephora and Kate Spade all in one place... are you freaking kidding me?!?! With Christmas coming up and my family and friends potentially looking for gifts (maybe you're ... [ Discover More ]

DIY Brunette to Blonde


I was a blonde baby, I got it from my Dad. I'd shake my little sand covered booty all over the Gold Coast beaches when I was a toddler, soaking up the sun and making friends with tourist's kids was what I did best. My family then moved to the Northern Territory where our outdoor lifestyle continued and I was a tall blonde string bean who lived in the pool. Then I got my period, I got boobs and my whole universe changed. I became self conscious and way too concerned about following in the ... [ Discover More ]

Leave, Get Out

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You may not be aware but hiding in a secluded corner of facebook, is a private Aussie Curves group. A little fashion haven for women who need a jump start in confidence away from the world. It's also for those of us who live and breathe fashion and somehow enable others along the way. It's a lovely accepting and uplifting place and I've worked really hard to keep it that way. I love facebook, I do but as far as plus size fashion pages and groups go things can slide into a dark nasty environment ... [ Discover More ]

The Butt End

danimezza butt

It's not uncommon in blogging (or life for that matter) that once you've built up a voice, exposed your brand until it's memorable and found yourself a following that you will attract unwanted attention. Life's balance: good/bad, negative/positive, ying/yang and all that kind of jazz. Throughout the ride you just have to be grateful, thankful and grounded, truly connect with the ebb and flow. This gloriously bad photoshopped version of myself was discovered by one of my readers this morning and ... [ Discover More ]

Seaside Escape


There were so many issues with the production of this years SWIM+ Lookbook that they wouldn't all fit into one post and I kind of feel awkward talking about it but at the same time it's hard to describe the triumph without sharing the pitt falls. A model dropped out, both photoshoot locations dropped out, stock didn't arrive in time, clients changing agreements last minute, accommodation fell through, a model's pet died, delays in shooting and a few other smaller issues. At the time it felt ... [ Discover More ]



That's exactly how I'll be feeling when I arrive at the Gold Coast about midday today. Actually I might be a little tired and cranky from the travel but as soon as the ocean breeze kisses my face and the warm water touches my toes I'll be in a very happy place. I'm skipping town for the rest of the week as I'll be attending ProBlogger Training Event, a two day conference full of learning, geek talk that I still don't fully comprehend and networking, oh my goodness the networking. Actually you ... [ Discover More ]

Vulnerable Side

body love danimezza vulnerable side

Within minutes of posting this week's Aussie Curves post I knew I'd set off a spark in the blogosphere and thankfully it wasn't just my underwear people were referencing but also my words. I try my best not to be preachy on my blog about self love and body confidence because I'm learning right along side you and it's just not how I roll. I'd rather lead by example, let my actions speak louder than words, I believe there is more power in that. It also means I have to be constantly on my game and ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Vulnerable Side


Top: Old Navy / Skirt: TS14+ / Bra: Just My Size / Heels: Payless US / Bag: Wild Bling I always knew this week would be a hard one for a lot of the Aussie Curve girls (especially the newbies) but I chose this theme deliberately, mostly because it was suggested by Jo from iCurvy who has had a journey so very similar and yet so very different to me but also because I wanted to push. To push aside feelings of inadequacy, of failure, of feeling less than worthy because everyone is worth more, so ... [ Discover More ]

I know Girls – Mary Lambert


Prepare to be moved, to cry, to have your thoughts triggered. Normally I would just share things like this on my Facebook page but I wanted you to be able to find it over and over again anytime you need it... you are worth more. Also, check out her rendition of Macklemore's "She Keeps Me Warm". ... [ Discover More ]

High & Brightly


Sometimes I think it would be easier to go with the flow, less stressful and agitating. To follow the norm, avoid strife or conflict and patter away at mundane things. I'm sure if I did I'd live longer, breathe deeper and sleep deeper. I did so for years, confined to an invisible bubble of self restraint, of toeing the line, of being the good girl, of putting others needs first. It was easier to be agreeable. It was less frightening to be in the shadows hiding from the limelight, afraid of any ... [ Discover More ]

Dinosaurs Go RAWR

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My little dude loves dinosaurs. Aidan could play with them all day long. He absorbs dinosaur books, can say all the names perfectly, plays with his figurines for hours and he prefers the documentary style movies over cartoons. He loves fashion just as much, the boy is pretty fly when it comes to pulling together outfits in the morning. Washed denim jeans, woven belts, a long sleeve tee under a printed short sleeve tee and a cap tilted slightly to the side is his go-to look. I've always ... [ Discover More ]



Being away from my boys these last few weeks has been tough. Aidan amazes me everyday without fail so to be away from him and miss all that was painful. His tenderness, his imagination, his bravery, his cleverness. The trip to New York was the longest I've been away from him in his entire life so to think it wouldn't affect either of us was delusional. Aidan is a trooper. He understands I work and whilst most of the time I'm home with him, sometimes I have to work elsewhere and he's ok with ... [ Discover More ]

Teenage Me

me99 1

My relationship with food has changed many times over the years but a few factors have unfortunately remained constant. Yes, as you can imagine food isn't just fuel to me, we're inextricably linked emotionally. Often I'd be fuelled purely by my feelings and not hunger when I entered the kitchen. I wouldn't say I've had to battle with food (if I did I constantly waved the white flag, hello thighs!) but as I've gotten older I've also become more perceptive not only of what I eat but why. They say ... [ Discover More ]

Call Me Maybe


When I was growing up I rarely got to talk on the phone with my friends for any real length of time (or in private for that matter) but I loved it. We lived 30kms out of town and I only ever had one or two friends that lived nearby so staying connected with my "town friends" required serious girlie gossipy talk time. I'm going to sound old here but this was before cordless phones, mobiles, texting and skype. I know, the horror. Soon we'd discovered Messenger and chatting got a lot easier but ... [ Discover More ]

Life Changing Experiences


Shot forth into abyss... That's how it felt when my blog turned into a business. When I left school 10 years ago "Blogger" or "Social Media Manager" didn't exist as a profession. In fact, my preferred career choice of "Photographer" was deemed a hobby by most unless I became an assistant or worked for a newspaper as an assistant and slogged it out for 20 years before I built a reputation. These days there are photographers around every corner who have steady incomes, work from home and do what ... [ Discover More ]

A Loss of Confidence

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It can happen in a moment. You're sitting at your desk or standing in the shops and something happens, actions that occur in a small fragment of time that may not even be directed towards you, yet completely changes the way you view not only the world but yourself.... has this ever happened to you? It doesn't need to be an overly dramatic, traumatic, or even graphic moment to catch your attention. Sometimes it's subtle and it creeps up on you, words slipping silently into your ear  until it ... [ Discover More ]

Tune Up


Health should never be neglected and with my big New York trip just weeks away I had a frank talk to my doctor about how I've been feeling physically and emotionally. I explained that I was feeling a little lost since Aidan started Pre School and had begun leaning on my old crutch, comfort food. I didn't want to get lost in that pattern again so I asked to see a counsellor to discuss my issues deeper with. After a few embarrassed tears my appointment was scheduled. I also had my asthma ... [ Discover More ]

10 Random Things About Me

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One I'm a night owl. An ideal working day for me would be from 11am-6pm. When I was living at home I was sent to bed at exactly 7pm. I'd then hang out in my room until 10-11 o'clock in the dark with a torch writing in my diary. I guess that part hasn't changed, I still do most of my writing late at night whilst everyone sleeps. Two I like to wear thongs, I would choose them over any shoe in the entire world but they have to be thin strap Havaianas. Judge me if you will but I don't care. ... [ Discover More ]

Oh No Endo

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That's right, I'm talking women's business but that doesn't mean I want my male readers to skip this post. Everyone knows a woman or girl who experiences a painful period. I'm not talking about ouchie cramps that a panadol or two will knock over. I'm talking ashen faced, foetal position, guttural moaning, hips on fire, discharge and clots, loss of appetite and extreme fatigue. There is always one woman who's period seems much more dramatic than her girlfriends but that doesn't make her an ... [ Discover More ]

A Write Off


We've all been run down with the flu and I've been fighting it off for the last week or so and it's wearing on me. I'm constantly up late with my little boy who normally sleeps through the night and Steve has man-flu so we all know how that goes. I've taken them both to the doctors so I know it's not serious and they don't need antibiotics but the world may as well be ending as far as they are concerned. I've spent a lot of time hiding in my studio watching "Girls". To top it all off it's ... [ Discover More ]



My eyelids are heavy but my eyes are dry and refuse to close. My mind races and I barely remember to blink. I'm sitting still but I'm exhausted, my muscles tense and ache even whilst willing themselves to relax.  It's in those moments, be it daylight or night, that music washes over me like the sea over a dry cracked plain. Quenching my thirst, soothing my burns and caressing my temples. Since Aidan started preschool the sounds of silence bellow and overpower my thoughts. I miss him so much it ... [ Discover More ]

How to find your absolute perfect style at any size

nicolle smith

When Nicolle's message popped up on my facebook page it stopped me in my tracks. Firstly I was utterly flattered by her lovely words so I let that sink in and then I wondered... did I really have it all figured out? I think not so I wanted to expel any myth that I did. Sure, I have a fair idea of what works and what doesn't work on my body. How did I figure that out? I tried on a lot of clothes, I mean a LOT. I experimented and tried to avoid keeping my "look" the same for too long. I got into ... [ Discover More ]

The Vogue Factor


Late Wednesday night I received a call from Chelsea Bonner of Bella Models, she wanted to know if I'd like to attend Kirstie Clements "The Vogue Factor" book launch the following night... um, sure you know, whatever. I almost died. A vogue party full of vogue people at a vogue location, sipping vogue drinks, all wearing very vogue things. A slight panic attack ensued. How do you prepare for such an event with less that 24hrs notice? The answer is you do it quickly. I had to dye my roots over ... [ Discover More ]

You got to have friends


Bette Midler had it right. There's something about that special non-sexual relationship between two people that is utterly addictive. Friends can consume you, lift you higher than you've ever known, drag you down with harsh reality until your bawling and make you laugh until you wet your pants. I have friends, many actually but as I grow older I realise the relationships I have now with both men and women are vastly different to the friends of my youth. Maybe I should say pre-marriage. You see ... [ Discover More ]

Simone Perele and BGM Models Lingerie Couture Plus Size Model Search

Danimezza BGM Models Plus Size Fashion Australia Simone Perele Lingerie Model Search Behind The Scenes-1

When Darrianne Donnely of BGM Models invites you to spend the day at her Pyrmont apartment otherwise known as BGM HQ, you go. I was offered the opportunity to go behind the scenes during the 'final five' photo shoot for the Simone Perele & BGM Models Plus Size Model Search back in November last year. Things got pretty crazy with PSFWA straight after but I really want to share my day with you. Darrianne and Natalie Wakeling were already working hard by the time I arrived with Aidan. Yes, ... [ Discover More ]

Sephora Ships to Australia via Tarazz


Towards the end of last year one of my friends who works for Tarazz.com.au told me a little secret... that they would become the platform for shipping Sephora products to Australia! For people in the know, for people who have stepped inside Sephora's glossy doors of awesomeness this was HUGE news. Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep my mouth shut?! I was given a $100 giftcode by Tarazz to buy whatever I liked. It took me THREE MONTHS to decide on what I wanted to order, how insane is ... [ Discover More ]