Tune Up


Health should never be neglected and with my big New York trip just weeks away I had a frank talk to my doctor about how I've been feeling physically and emotionally. I explained that I was feeling a little lost since Aidan started Pre School and had begun leaning on my old crutch, comfort food. I didn't want to get lost in that pattern again so I asked to see a counsellor to discuss my issues deeper with. After a few embarrassed tears my appointment was scheduled. I also had my asthma ... [ Discover More ]

10 Random Things About Me

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One I'm a night owl. An ideal working day for me would be from 11am-6pm. When I was living at home I was sent to bed at exactly 7pm. I'd then hang out in my room until 10-11 o'clock in the dark with a torch writing in my diary. I guess that part hasn't changed, I still do most of my writing late at night whilst everyone sleeps. Two I like to wear thongs, I would choose them over any shoe in the entire world but they have to be thin strap Havaianas. Judge me if you will but I don't care. ... [ Discover More ]

Oh No Endo

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That's right, I'm talking women's business but that doesn't mean I want my male readers to skip this post. Everyone knows a woman or girl who experiences a painful period. I'm not talking about ouchie cramps that a panadol or two will knock over. I'm talking ashen faced, foetal position, guttural moaning, hips on fire, discharge and clots, loss of appetite and extreme fatigue. There is always one woman who's period seems much more dramatic than her girlfriends but that doesn't make her an ... [ Discover More ]

A Write Off


We've all been run down with the flu and I've been fighting it off for the last week or so and it's wearing on me. I'm constantly up late with my little boy who normally sleeps through the night and Steve has man-flu so we all know how that goes. I've taken them both to the doctors so I know it's not serious and they don't need antibiotics but the world may as well be ending as far as they are concerned. I've spent a lot of time hiding in my studio watching "Girls". To top it all off it's ... [ Discover More ]



My eyelids are heavy but my eyes are dry and refuse to close. My mind races and I barely remember to blink. I'm sitting still but I'm exhausted, my muscles tense and ache even whilst willing themselves to relax.  It's in those moments, be it daylight or night, that music washes over me like the sea over a dry cracked plain. Quenching my thirst, soothing my burns and caressing my temples. Since Aidan started preschool the sounds of silence bellow and overpower my thoughts. I miss him so much it ... [ Discover More ]

How to find your absolute perfect style at any size

nicolle smith

When Nicolle's message popped up on my facebook page it stopped me in my tracks. Firstly I was utterly flattered by her lovely words so I let that sink in and then I wondered... did I really have it all figured out? I think not so I wanted to expel any myth that I did. Sure, I have a fair idea of what works and what doesn't work on my body. How did I figure that out? I tried on a lot of clothes, I mean a LOT. I experimented and tried to avoid keeping my "look" the same for too long. I got into ... [ Discover More ]

The Vogue Factor


Late Wednesday night I received a call from Chelsea Bonner of Bella Models, she wanted to know if I'd like to attend Kirstie Clements "The Vogue Factor" book launch the following night... um, sure you know, whatever. I almost died. A vogue party full of vogue people at a vogue location, sipping vogue drinks, all wearing very vogue things. A slight panic attack ensued. How do you prepare for such an event with less that 24hrs notice? The answer is you do it quickly. I had to dye my roots over ... [ Discover More ]

You got to have friends


Bette Midler had it right. There's something about that special non-sexual relationship between two people that is utterly addictive. Friends can consume you, lift you higher than you've ever known, drag you down with harsh reality until your bawling and make you laugh until you wet your pants. I have friends, many actually but as I grow older I realise the relationships I have now with both men and women are vastly different to the friends of my youth. Maybe I should say pre-marriage. You see ... [ Discover More ]

Simone Perele and BGM Models Lingerie Couture Plus Size Model Search

Danimezza BGM Models Plus Size Fashion Australia Simone Perele Lingerie Model Search Behind The Scenes-1

When Darrianne Donnely of BGM Models invites you to spend the day at her Pyrmont apartment otherwise known as BGM HQ, you go. I was offered the opportunity to go behind the scenes during the 'final five' photo shoot for the Simone Perele & BGM Models Plus Size Model Search back in November last year. Things got pretty crazy with PSFWA straight after but I really want to share my day with you. Darrianne and Natalie Wakeling were already working hard by the time I arrived with Aidan. Yes, ... [ Discover More ]

Sephora Ships to Australia via Tarazz


Towards the end of last year one of my friends who works for Tarazz.com.au told me a little secret... that they would become the platform for shipping Sephora products to Australia! For people in the know, for people who have stepped inside Sephora's glossy doors of awesomeness this was HUGE news. Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep my mouth shut?! I was given a $100 giftcode by Tarazz to buy whatever I liked. It took me THREE MONTHS to decide on what I wanted to order, how insane is ... [ Discover More ]

Room to Write

Danimezza Studio Office Room Study 2013-1

Space at my house is at a premium. Each square inch has to be functional or at the very least clutter free. When Stephanie came to live with us for a few months my studio was turned into a guest room and a dumping ground. After she left I reclaimed it as my studio but it needed a fair bit of work to bring it up to scratch. I emptied the room, cleaned everything and rearranged the furniture. A different view for the new year. In the past my desk has sat up against the window. I loved the light ... [ Discover More ]

Hair Then, Hair Now


I'm quite vain about my hair. I like to brush it. I like to wash it. I like having it played with and I like getting it done at the salon. It is directly linked to my self esteem no matter how hard I try. I always find that on any given day it reflects the feelings I have about myself. Whether that is a good thing or not is completely up to the individual but over the last ten years I've realised how strong that link is for me. When I was 17 I lived in the Northern Territory. It was hot, dusty, ... [ Discover More ]

Weight Watchers


I was surprised when a reader tweeted me to say I'd been mentioned in the February issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. I wasn't aware at all as I don't read it and I'd chosen to pass on the work opportunity offered by the WW marketing team last year to my friend Amanda who needed it more. Seems the ladies at the magazine like what I do regardless, thank you! In case you can't read it, it's says: "This mum, photographer and fashion enthusiast shares her thoughts on what's hot, what fits and life ... [ Discover More ]

Nuffnang Blogger of the Month


Well this was a nice way to start the week... Nuffnang Australia have me as their January 2013, Featured Blogger of the Month! I got to answer a few questions about what I do and why I do it. I shared a few of my favourite bloggers and talked a little bit about Aussie Curves. If you'd like to check out the entire article you can check it out here. ... [ Discover More ]

Little Bites


I forgot to set my alarm. I scrunched up my face and buried it back into the pillow. "So much for new years resolutions Danielle, you've already failed at your first one. What a great way to start the year... failing." I can be pretty mean to myself, I don't need anyone else's help in that regard. It's in my mindset, my old mindset, the one I no longer give two shits about. The mindset that enabled me: to be fat, to be lazy, to have frizzy hair, to have hairy legs, to not call my friends, to not ... [ Discover More ]

2012 was EPIC


It's not everything, just the bits I blogged about. My goal this year is to write smaller in more ways than one. I spent my entire New Years Eve reflecting on where I've been, how I've written, changes I've made and how I felt throughout the year. There is so much more I could have shared but I was afraid... this year I want to be more open, I promise to try. JANUARY I turned my goals into magnets and I stuck to them. Pinterest changed my ideas of storage and too this day it's been ... [ Discover More ]

Danimezza SWIM 2012


 I'm just a little overwhelmed, I still can't believe it. There it is, the very first SWIM Lookbook and my first attempt at digital publishing... please be kind. I'll come back later in the week once I've recovered and tell you more about the whole experience. For now just click, view, enjoy and then come back here and tell me what you think! ... [ Discover More ]

Negatives & Positives

laptop toys

One day you're sitting at your computer and you discover that someone has attacked you somewhat casually online and for a brief moment you reexamine your entire existence. Initially you're shocked and hurt, you question what would drive a person to say negative things about you in such a public and seemingly meaningless way. You consult your friends who rally behind you and suddenly the world doesn't feel so small and the problem all consuming, soon it all just become silly. You brush it off and ... [ Discover More ]

Appletiser: Get Your Sparkle On


Sponsored by Appletiser I'll admit it, I love when parcels get delivered to my door and who wouldn't when they look like this! The lovely people at Appletiser sent me a lovely sparkly care package filled with loose green glitter (yeah, still cleaning that up, thanks!) some yummy cupcakes from the Sparkle Cupcakery, sparklers and everything I'd need to mix up a yummy cocktail. They wanted to help me celebrate the silly season in style and who was I to object. Free booze always comes with ... [ Discover More ]

Curvy Girls NuVo


I was on twitter last night just minding my own business when I was alerted to the fact that I was on TV in the USA... WHAT?!?!?! Apparently my Skorch Magazine Cover (Nov 2011) was featured on NuVo's Curvy Girls TV show so of course I went looking to see if I could find it. I did. There I am on Episode 6 at 10:35 right on the top of the pile, I was so excited!!! You can also see my gorgeous friend and Aussie Plus Size Model Samantha during the Lane Bryant shoot! Want to see more behind the ... [ Discover More ]

I Heart My Body 2012

iheartmybody Danimezza Plus Size Nude Body Confidence Self Love Awareness Beauty-2

I've just eaten a bowl of spaghetti for dinner and Aidan is playing quietly with his iPad. The sun is going down. "Just do it" I whisper my mantra softly to myself, soon I'm bare faced and naked. My hair is exactly how it looked when I woke up this morning. I grab the camera, set up the shot and call Steve quietly. "Just hold the button down, it will take two seconds" and I was right. It was done, they were taken and it was painless. This isn't a new frontier for me, this naked business. My body ... [ Discover More ]

Achievable Delusion

laptop rawr

This post isn't a whinge I promise but it may sound like it, my mum says I have a knack for it. I'm feeling a little burnt out because I've been doing too many fabulous things. I know, you hate me right now but hear me out. I'm just one person and sometimes what you see in a post takes weeks or even months to turn an idea into an action and from an action turn into a publication. Often fabulous things overlap each other and almost always in a short space of time. You're probably thinking I ... [ Discover More ]

My Portrait Couture Gallery


As I explained earlier this week, the photoshoot experience with GM Photographics was pretty awesome. Everyday that went past waiting for the finished images to arrive was torture but they were worth the wait. The session and prints were a gift for me to review so I was so excited to see how they'd turn out. They arrived in a sleek, beautiful presentation box embossed with the GM Photographics logo on the cover and Portrait Couture embossed on the spine. It was all just a bit fancy. Inside ... [ Discover More ]

GM Photographics Portrait Couture


Before I left for New York I was treated to something very special, a Portrait Couture session with GM Photographics. Now lets get real here, I'm not camera shy and I've done my fair share of professional and amateur photo shoots but this was probably one of the most comfortable and relaxing ones I've done. Working with Simona from GM Photographics was so easy and honestly a pleasure. Being a former model herself she knew how to put you at ease as well as show you the best poses to enhance ... [ Discover More ]



Have you ever sat on the train quietly, your headphones blasting Missy Higgins new album of soulful treats whilst you put your make up on and find yourself being stared at? I have. Melissa has too. It’s rarely the dirty old guy you think it will be either, most of the time it’s other women and maybe staring is the wrong term, “studied” is a better explanation. Usually they’re curvy teenagers who’ve developed early or people my age dressed in baggy black sacks that look wistfully at my colourful ... [ Discover More ]



The older I get the more I'm starting to realise that I'm becoming my mother. I could go into many intricate reasons as to why that is but one of the most simplest (and extremely mundane) ways is simply by my new found choice in beverages. More precisely, tea. After winning a years worth of tea, one begins to drink it regularly, it's a fact. I was lucky but I wonder how long it would have taken for me to get into the swing of it if I hadn't of won? Yes, it was a little special sipping tea from ... [ Discover More ]