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Christmas this year has been going strong since November which is when I started putting up the decorations. Aidan's excitement was infectious and let's face it, it was a beautiful distraction during a difficult time. I revamped a tired old wreath (using glitter and metallic spray paint) that I found in an op shop and gave it to Monica as she'd never had a wreath of her own and I wanted her to have one that was totally unique. She was close to tears when she discovered it, hanging proudly on her ... [ Discover More ]

Family Portrait 2014

FAMILY 2014 sml-3

I love my family. We're outwardly confident, emotional, stubborn, loyal and loving. I have more relations outside of this group but at the end of the day these are the ones who really know me, they're my people: Mum, Dad, my sister and my boys. Sometimes I wish we weren't so insular, that there were more bums on seats around the table at gatherings, that we weren't so co-dependant and self sufficient but then again I'm not sure I'd really have had it any other way. This is what I know, who I ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Christmas


Christmas has been and gone. We travelled up the coast to stay with my family for the holidays and it was bliss. Just Dad, Mum, my sister Stephanie, Steve, Aidan and myself. We went to the beach, the park, the shops and even went out and looked at all the pretty Christmas lights, it was just so damn lovely, the whole trip, everything. So here I am, a week later and I'm writing this post reminiscing and looking at pictures. Ever since we got home I've been cracking the sads. I just want to go ... [ Discover More ]

How to make Cob Loaf


I never really got into blogging recipes, I cook a lot but I'm generally too busy in the kitchen to stop and show you what's going on in there and my camera is too bulky and expensive to keep in my tiny little kitchen. Monica came over today and I offered to make lunch, we'd have Cob Loaf. When she heard that she perked up and asked how to make it, she'd always been curious. I'd made it earlier in the week when my family visited and they asked too, as did a few ladies at the bakery and at ... [ Discover More ]

Christmas Morning


Christmas morning started at 7am. Aidan got a whiteboard/blackboard from Grandma & Grandpa. Santa brought him his first scooter which figured out how to use in five minute. We took the rocking base off his plane that his great grandpa built for him last year, was like a new toy. Then we looked inside our stockings. Steve got Reeses Pieces and I got Malteasers. Aidan got these $1 toys from Aldi which are the favourites. He also got pencils and crayons. After the stockings it ... [ Discover More ]

Merry “Mezza” Christmas


I've been wanting to take a family Christmas photo for weeks and it just never happened and I can't say that the end result of todays' efforts was what I was going for but it's close enough. A wireless remote for my Nikon D700 is $400 so I cracked out my Nikon D80 and it's $17 remote and I can definitely see the difference in quality... but a photo of my family is all I really needed in the end. This is the one Steve picked to grace our totally late Christmas Cards which I'll be sending out to ... [ Discover More ]

All That Glitters and Shines


I'm a bit meticulous when it comes to my Christmas Tree. Notice how I said "my", that's because I own that sucker, I make my tree my shining, glittering bitch. My Christmas Tree obsession started when I was growing up, it always had to be "just so" but when you're co-decorator with your little sister who has her own ideas of what perfection is... well it's enough for two little control freaks to go mental. When Steve and I moved in together our first tree was a string of beads blu taked to the ... [ Discover More ]

The Easiest Christmas Gift


Sponsored by Nuffnang and  Magshop Christmas There are a million things I want for christmas but generally they're small things I'd like to pick out myself or they're too expensive to expect others to pay for... as you can tell I'm a dream to buy gifts for. Over the years I've learnt to keep it simple after frustrating Steve time and time again and last year I decided spare my son the anguish in the future and start a tradition now. Every Christmas I renew my subscription to Real Living ... [ Discover More ]

Ideal Christmas Holiday


Sponsored by NuffNang This year we're staying home for Christmas and as much as I'm looking forward to decorating the house, cooking a nice meal and playing under the sprinkler with my little family, I kind of wish I was spending it with the entire family but this year we're all off doing other things. Over the next few weeks there is a Magshop Christmas competition where ten lucky couples will win a trip to Hawaii and I would love to win but it's got me thinking about my ideal Christmas ... [ Discover More ]

Christmas at Our Place

So... um, I wasn't really feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Sure, I was still giving, donating and appreciating my family's good health and fortune but I wasn't as into as I've been in previous years. I usually go over the top with decorations, planning the menu weeks or even months in advance, even personalising my gift wrap... but this year, I just wasn't into it. The gifts were limited and simple, we had a tiny tree, nachos for lunch and had a roast lamb for dinner. I think because ... [ Discover More ]


Sponsored by Nuffnang {image}Christmas is fast on our heels and I feel so unprepared this year. Time seems to have gotten away from me and I just know this will be the first year I scramble to pull it all together. We've already simplified things by agreeing to stay home and celebrate quietly on our own as a tiny family. This isn't Aidan's first Christmas but it will be the first one where he'll be actively involved and hopefully excited.My favourite part of Christmas is in the weeks of ... [ Discover More ]

Merry Christmas

Steve and I shared Aidan's first Christmas with my family on the coast and it was lovely. We had 4 generations gathered together to celebrate, eat good food and drink plenty of beer, or in my case lemonade. Aidan was really good for the drive up and has been a little star, soaking up all the attention, chuckling, talking and smiling to anyone within his sights. Everyone thought he was absolutely marvelous and we couldn't agree more.He ate some Christmas dinner (potato/coliflower/sweet potato) ... [ Discover More ]

Dear Santa

I've been a very good lady this year and even managed to grow the sweetest little baby boy in my belly and pop him out in time to meet you. I'm very thankful for everything we've been blessed with and nothing could make our lives richer. Please don't think I'm being ungrateful but I'd really like one of these super duper awesome camera bags for Christmas, but if you're feeling the pinch this year I understand. I'll just have to hope Steve reads my blog and it inspires him as a 25th birthday ... [ Discover More ]

Santa’s Coming!

There is nothing quite like Christmas, a day solely devoted to giving, eating and being merry with loved ones. Steve and I have always tried to make a big deal out of Christmas. We work together planning gifts, the menus, any traveling and really enjoy making it special but there always came a point, without fail, that both us felt some of the magic was missing. The "magic" of course, being children.If you have children, imagine a Christmas without them... that's how we felt every year. Aidan ... [ Discover More ]

We got a Chicken… what did you get?

I thought I'd show a few of the xmas presents I received that made me thankful, ponder, giggle and cry. Steve and I received a worldly conscious gift, a chicken sponsorship through World Vision from our friend Wendy.Then we received the most beautiful placemats I've ever seen from the Schultz family. I started taking down the Christmas decorations around the house today. The tree is still up but that's about it. I'm keen to jazz the place up for summer and these placemats our perfect for our ... [ Discover More ]

More of Steve’s Outdoor Room

Isn't it fantastic. We found an assortment of terracotta and plastic pots. We had one cactus and two succulents then we got given a whole bunch of cuttings from our lovely friend Scott who has a million of them. I think it looks lovely and I'm keeping my eyes out for tiny terracotta's on sale.Ok, enough about succulents. Here's Steve's room. We got more hanging baskets ($2ea), a screen to cover the ugly old fence ($17 for 3mtrs), lots more plants and the result is a very happy hubby. Toby & ... [ Discover More ]

Merry Xmas

Joshua, Stephanie, Mum, Dad, Steven & Me.We had wonderful Christmas spent with family. Lots of beers were drank, food was eaten and I'm happy to say we even had time to take a few family pictures. Steve gave me a remote for my Niki so I was very keen to use it. Steph and Josh are continuing their holiday in Newy with Mum & Dad. Hopefully we'll be able to travel up there over new years to join them on the beach.Our xmas table looked superb. We had Lamb Leg roasted on the BBQ with oven ... [ Discover More ]

White Xmas Party

[Me looking like a pulp fiction angel]On Saturday night, right after the photo shoot Anna Marie and I drove to Scott's Sexy White Xmas Party. The house was covered in colour changing light bulbs and lots of black lights. Everyone was told to wear white and it looked fantastic. So simple and cheap, what a great theme.It was a lovely affair, not too many people so we weren't crowded (Scott's parties can have 40+) and everyone got a chance to catch up, something which I've even found difficult to ... [ Discover More ]

Steve’s Outdoor Room

Steve is difficult to buy for. I wanted to spoil him this year but I was stuck on ideas. I thought about gadgets, but he wouldn't use them, games but he wouldn't play them, books but he wouldn't read them and clothes... he has more than enough for a bloke. One idea that I've been holding onto for a long time was doing up his "Man Room". The newest issue of BHG magazine as well as RL magazine inspired the quest for an outdoor room.BHG mag had a great couple of stories relating to hanging baskets, ... [ Discover More ]

The gift of giving less

This year my family set a limit, $10 for each person. When I told my friends they said "It can't be done", "That seems a bit cheap" and "What kind of gift could you give for $10?"... the first comment was so negative it made me feel more positive about what we were trying to achieve. The second comment made me see that some people have forgotten that "to receive is a gift in itself" and the third inspired this post.There is nothing sweeter than a well wrapped present. The thought and time ... [ Discover More ]

Company Xmas Party

Nicki, Debra, Christine & Me... all fresh off the dance floor.On Saturday afternoon the four of us jumped on a bus in Blacktown and made our way into the city. It felt like it took forever but we finally made it to the city. Our company xmas party was held at the IBM building in the CBD. The whole place looked gorgeous. We were greeted with champagne and canapes. We all felt like rock stars.It was a little unnerving though. EVERYONE blatantly checked your outfits, the good old "up&down" ... [ Discover More ]


Steve's new toy. You wouldn't believe the shock on my face when Steve said all he wanted for xmas was a clothes steamer. No games, DVDs, Simpson's paraphernalia, tools... he wanted a Tobi. Damn those Danoz Direct infomercials.Basically, you fill the blue part with water, plug the cord in, turn it on and direct the steam nozzel against the clothes and TA DA! Wrinkle free clothes. It's a quite bizarre item to lust for as we rarely iron anyway. None of my clothes need ironing (bought them for a ... [ Discover More ]

Take a little time… get the balance right

I wore my hair a little crazy today. I needed it. Nothing holding back my "wild woman" hair (as Steve calls it) but a single bobby pin. I wore my hair down and flung a dress on. I didn't wear make up... OK so maybe just a little clear gloss but that's it I swear. Honest, my skin needed the break. The worst part is I don't think my boss even noticed, all those mornings stuck in front of the mirror for nothing. Definitely less is more from now on.Steve worked late tonight, so I was all alone ... [ Discover More ]