A surprise invitation arrived in the mail which included three passes to attend the Sydney premiere of Cinderella at the State Theatre. I'm not sure if it would even be possible to convey the level of excitement and anticipation that flooded the house. Wardrobes were raided in the hopes of finding the perfect outfits. It ended in a week-long op shopping mission to find a new suit for my little Prince Charming who was adamant on suiting-up. As you can see he was pretty happy with the ... [ Discover More ]

Big School

Danimezza Aidan First Day of School 2015-1

Today is Aidan's first day of Primary School, Kindergarten to be exact. I sat at the end of his bed late last night after I'd laid out his uniform, ready for the next day and just watched him sleep. So sweet and warm in a bed that seems to shrink with each day. When did he stop being so tiny? I know he'll still need me, just in different ways. I know that he'll always be my little boy even when he has his own mortgage. This is just one of those days, those milestones that once-upon-a-time I ... [ Discover More ]

House Tour – Aidan’s Room

Danimezza House Tour Aidans Bedroom-7

I am blessed to have a son. A son who is undoubtedly as colourful and conversational as his mother and as cheeky and practical as his father. I've also shared his room on the blog in the past (here, here and here) but for the first time it's not just me doing the styling, Aidan's getting in on the action too. As he's at the wise old age of five now he considers himself a bit of an expert when it comes to knowing what he likes and doesn't like. Dinosaurs, stars and rainbows are at the very top of ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Christmas


Christmas has been and gone. We travelled up the coast to stay with my family for the holidays and it was bliss. Just Dad, Mum, my sister Stephanie, Steve, Aidan and myself. We went to the beach, the park, the shops and even went out and looked at all the pretty Christmas lights, it was just so damn lovely, the whole trip, everything. So here I am, a week later and I'm writing this post reminiscing and looking at pictures. Ever since we got home I've been cracking the sads. I just want to go ... [ Discover More ]

The Kids Store


Aidan's been receiving quite a few kiddy fashion event invitations lately which is always a bit exciting but I've been selective about which ones we RSVP for. The latest was for the launch of The Kid Store and we couldn't pass it up, I mean even from first glance you can tell it's pretty funky. We arrived and straight away Aidan was in his element. We got to meet the lovely team behind the brand and I kind of fell for them a little more than I thought I would. You know when you meet people ... [ Discover More ]

All the Little Party People

Danimezza Next Direct Kids Clothing Fashion Style Outfit UK Shipping Australia AW13 Season Launch Party Event sonofablogger -1

Events aren't something new for me, I attend them all the time but they're always more special when my little dude comes along. By the time he's six he'll be a professional socialite I'm sure. I was hesitant at first about mixing sticky little fingers with new season launch samples but I quickly got over it once I remembered he's a well behaved little man. Aidan's crazy cute if I do say so myself, he's packed full of enough charm to convince any PR girl to slip him an extra cupcake and ... [ Discover More ]

Dinosaurs Go RAWR

aussie curves plus size fashion blogger sydney australia 17 sundays glomesh city chic pelum dress gold DINOSAUR-9

My little dude loves dinosaurs. Aidan could play with them all day long. He absorbs dinosaur books, can say all the names perfectly, plays with his figurines for hours and he prefers the documentary style movies over cartoons. He loves fashion just as much, the boy is pretty fly when it comes to pulling together outfits in the morning. Washed denim jeans, woven belts, a long sleeve tee under a printed short sleeve tee and a cap tilted slightly to the side is his go-to look. I've always ... [ Discover More ]



"T'was a sweet song that filled the night, her hand pressing softly against my back as I was lulled to sleep. Her warmth surrounds me as fear slips away and the night is yet again claimed for silent slumber." - Aidan, 3.5 years old At least thats how I hope Aidan feels about me at 1am (and 2am... 3am... 4am... 5am) when I'm crouched by his bedside, cold and shivering, stroking his temple in a rhythmic pattern willing him to sleep so I can get some of my own. I don't know where he gets it from ... [ Discover More ]

Lunch Boxes


You think you have it all sorted, you have a plan and everything will just pan out as it should, but it doesn't and you're left standing in the lunchbox aisle pulling your hair out. That was me at 8:45pm last night, in BigW clutching the giftcard that Mum & Dad gave us for Christmas, utterly determined to make a decision before all the Mum's come back from holidays and destroy the joint. I had 15 minutes and counting... Aidan starts pre-school three days a week in February and I want to be ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Picnic


Last week's 'Stripes' theme was fun, it pushed me a little bit out of my comfort zone and I'm not even 100% sure I pulled it off. This week's theme is 'Picnic' which basically means no rules so I was determined to keep my look laid back and simple, everyday Danimezza style. I packed 'the most beautiful picnic basket in the world' with lots of delicious goodies for us to eat in the late afternoon sun. I made a fresh batch of brownies just for the occasion and splashed out on some yummy cheese. ... [ Discover More ]

The Dark Door


Aidan is amazing. Honestly somedays (even the tough ones) it's hard for me to believe I'm a Mumma, especially Aidan's as he's the coolest dude on the planet. I may be biased. There will be a moment everyday, without fail, when I will whisk him up into my arms, smoosh my lips into his chubby cheek and tell him how smart / clever / handsome / kind / funny he is. I sometimes wonder if he's missing out by not having a sibling. Aidan is three years old. He's curious, loves to dance and likes to ... [ Discover More ]

The Zoo and BIG W


Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia. After splashing out on Aidan and giving my little dude some affordable quality kids clothes last week, BIG W also sent us a $100 VISA gift card to spend at Taronga Zoo on the weekend so we could really test out the clothes. Saturday just so happened to be Aidan's third birthday... perfect timing! Aidan and I have been to Taronga Zoo a few times now, usually with a group of people so I knew it was going to be a long day. This was Steve's first time and it ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Red


Love Aussie Curves? Then why not join the Aussie Curves Facebook Group! It will keep you updated on the up coming challenges, provide you with the blog hop code so you can schedule your post in advance as well as find all the logos and disclaimers you need to play along. I told you last week that my love of florals was unwaivering didn't I? Well here I am again rocking a floral print for this week's theme "RED" a challenge I initially thought I'd be sitting out of since I don't own a single ... [ Discover More ]

A is for Awesome


I'm in denial that Aidan turns three today. That everyday he grows older, smarter, cuter. That soon he'll be travelling the world, falling in love and breaking hearts... ... but I may just be getting ahead of myself. Happy Birthday Little Dude. Always remember: "A is for Aidan, A is for Awesome." Love Mumma xx ... [ Discover More ]

Dinosaur Haircuts

Danimezza #sonofablogger Aidan Haircut Toddler DIY

Usually Aidan has no problem getting his hair cut but for the last couple of months he's been chucking up a fuss whenever we take him to the hairdresser. So I decided to take things into my own hands and bought a pair of scissors from the pharmacy, giving him one last chance to go the professional route before lopping his locks. Now cutting the hair of a squirmy wriggly toddler can be tough but I think I nailed it thanks to a parents biggest weapon... distraction. I filled the sink with ... [ Discover More ]

So Many Ways To Play


  Over Christmas break our playtime mainly revolved around Aidan's new found obsession with Duplo, something I was quite happy to indulge him with. If I'm completely honest, I'd been waiting for the day he'd fall in love with those brightly coloured plastic blocks just like I did as a child. As soon as he's old enough for Lego there will be no stopping me! I was a complete addict as a child. I'm happy to report, six months later, they are still the toys he plays with most. Since ... [ Discover More ]



Yesterday my Grandparents "Poppy" and "Grandma" (my father's parents) came to visit us for the afternoon. We hadn't seen them since September and Grandma had been quite ill. Even though we only live a few hours drive away, Aidan's constant sniffles and colds made it difficult to visit for fear of making her condition worse. It was lovely to see her so well and playful. Aidan couldn't get enough them both, he loved them to bits and as you can tell they loved him right back. They played cars, ... [ Discover More ]

The Wiggles Big Birthday


Last week I got a lovely tweet from @traceytakesphotos offering me two tickets to go and see The Wiggles 20th Birthday Concert in the big tent at the Castle Hill Showgrounds. Tracey won four tickets in a Digital Parents competition and it was so nice of her to share them with us, especially as we'd never met before... don't you just love bloggers! Aidan didn't know where we were going until we arrived. I hadn't been feeling well (stupid Endometriosis) and wasn't sure we would even make it so ... [ Discover More ]