Aussie Curves – Job Interview

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On the Aussie Curves Facebook Group get a lot of questions about what to wear to a job interview so I decided we should include it in the challenge this year as an easy reference point for people to get a lot of different examples of interview attire. You're probably thinking "...what? You can't wear that to an interview!!!" but in all seriousness this is what I would wear personally. Why? Well for the kind of work I do it's not about corporate attire and "fitting in" I need to show off my ... [ Discover More ]

City Chic Outlet Shopping

thumbnail AC Group

On Sunday Jo had organised an Aussie Curves Meet Up Event at the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbeltown, NSW. Jo and I were on the tail end of a huge weekend (more on that later) but we were still excited to go shopping with Claire, Rachel and Sunny. I've only been there once before and I have to say that going with a group of friends is way better than going alone. Of course I didn't want you to miss out on the fun either so I filmed it all... City Chic Outlet Store Brands On Sale 32 ... [ Discover More ]

10 Plus Size Dresses I Want Right Now

Pink Yellow Peach Floral Print Dresses Plus Size

I'm a huge fan of the frock. It wasn't always like that though, I lived in black pants, dark jeans and black leggings. In other words I was basically trying to pretend that my ass and thighs didn't exist and followed the old school rule of hiding them, of "slimming" them. Obviously my ass and thighs are, in fact quite glorious (because they're mine) and I could dress the lower half of my body any way I pleased. Suddenly top and pant combos went out the window and I was embracing dresses. At ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Sequins

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Outfit Fashion Blogger City Chic Asos SEQUINS -2

The weather here at the moment is dreary rainy snuggly overcast stay under the covers kind of weather. The thought of even putting on a bra is revolting but here I am, in the rain shaking my sequin ass. Steve really wasn't having a bar of it today so we snapped a few pics as quickly as possible and then I jumped back in the car. The weather will not hold me back dammit but it did make me forgetful. I wanted to show you a great outfit for the office that could easily transform into a sexy ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Races

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Yesterday was the Hawkesbury Ladies Race Day and I organised a few of the Aussie Curves ladies to come along, dress up and have some fun. This was only the second time I've ever been to the races and it was pretty darn fabulous. The weather was clear and breezy but boy it was hot! We had reserved two covered tables right by the track and fashions on the field, it was so much fun to watch all the outfits walk by. For weeks I'd planned to make a beautiful dress but with everything that's been ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Feminine

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit City Chic Torrid Autograph Redhead Ginger FEMININE-1

Yes, I lightened my hair. I'll admit, I'm still getting used to it myself. I'd catch glimpses in the mirror and stop short, it feels totally weird to be a red head. My goal is to lighten my locks to an ashy dark blonde with lighter blonde highlights framing my face, this is just the transitional phase. I'm naturally a dark blonde and for the past 10 years I've been covering up the mousey colour with dark brown dye which will take awhile to remove safely. I'd convinced myself that my blonde hair ... [ Discover More ]

Dinosaurs Go RAWR

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My little dude loves dinosaurs. Aidan could play with them all day long. He absorbs dinosaur books, can say all the names perfectly, plays with his figurines for hours and he prefers the documentary style movies over cartoons. He loves fashion just as much, the boy is pretty fly when it comes to pulling together outfits in the morning. Washed denim jeans, woven belts, a long sleeve tee under a printed short sleeve tee and a cap tilted slightly to the side is his go-to look. I've always ... [ Discover More ]

Locally Famous

This post was brought to you by MasterCard I'm very lucky to live in a beautiful country, one that's relaxed and filled with sunshine for most of the year. For those who don't know I live an hour out of one of the most famous cities in the world and I try to travel in as often as possible. As much as I love the country I also adore the city life, the fashion, the buildings, the culture and not to mention the dining. The day started off overcast and rainy but by midday the sun came out and a ... [ Discover More ]

Outfits, Events + Meeting People

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Today I attended the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch in Sydney and I thought I'd share my outfit that I wore to the event. I've attended a few of these events, they just have a laid back style I like which is prime for networking and by that I mean you can actually have a conversation (with both brands and bloggers alike) that lasts longer than 10-15 minutes without being interrupted. I attend quite a few events but they're not often the soiree you might imagine. We arrive, we get a glass of ... [ Discover More ]

One Coat – 3 Ways

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I know, you're all like... "Hey!! That's not New York!!" and yes you'd be right. I've scheduled this big juicy post in advance so you guys get some outfit photos because no doubt I haven't gotten around to that yet. I do hope you're liking the videos, vines and instagrams though, I'm sure I'm all over that. The weather is hot and humid in NYC leading into summer but I know you guys are freezing your butts off right now so with the help of Lucabella I wanted to show you three ways you could wear ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Spike

aussie curves plus size danimezza blogger outfit dress peplum black fur gold SPIKE-1

I didn't own anything suitable for spike week so for the first time in awhile I had to head to the op shops and jewellery stores to find accessories to pull off the look I wanted. If in doubt pull out your little black dress and accessorise ladies which is exactly what I did. That's the beauty of buying simple well fitting garments, they act as a canvas that you can transform as many times as you like. I also have this dress in purple, it's like it was made for me. I couldn't go past this ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Sequins

aussie curves plus size danimezza blogger outfit black skirt pencil sheer asos curve simone perele lingerie bra SEQUINS -3

I don't know about you but I window shop online more than I'd like to admit. I'm the kind of person who'll gaze for hours, putting things in my cart only to leave them there abandoned. I never seem to suffer buyers remorse as I've usually agonised over the purchase for weeks. Sometimes a piece is exotic for plus and I know it will sell out straight away so I'll buy it as an "investment". Other times a piece will sing out to me as I scroll down the page and the clouds part and the heavens open ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Leather

aussie curves plus size danimezza blogger outfit leather-20

This gorgeous skirt is the very first leather garment that's graced my wardrobe and I'm not sure I could ever part with it. I've had it for about a year and when I wear it I feel expensive and edgy. Sometimes you need that, like when you're going out to a new place with new people, the right clothing choice can give you a confidence boost. I firmly believe we dress to reflect the way we feel and sometimes if we get the combination just right we can dress a certain way and our emotions adapt to ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Androgynous

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit Curvy Angry Birds Danimezza Andreogynous -1 copy

So I had planned for my Androgynous photos to be taken at the Aussie Curves meet up on Saturday but I forgot how many I'd need and I felt awkward asking Jo to take them for me. I also figured posting just one photo when you're so used to "the many angles of me" wouldn't fly so when I was out photographing Ainsley today I asked her if she wouldn't mind taking a few of me. Shirt Dress - TS14+ gifted Tank - City Chic Stiletto Jeans - Torrid gifted Watch - TS14+ gifted Sunglasses - ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Belts

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Blogger White Brunette Lace Belts-1

Belts have a way of highlighting the shape of a woman. The right belt can make or break an outfit. I have a few favourites that I could never part with and this is one of them. It's big, bulky and awesome. It feels like a mini corset and to be completely honest it makes me feel like a total badass. Mix up that vibe with something I'm a little more used to like glittery gems, sequins, silky satin and you've got an outfit that's completely me. Shirt Dress - TS14+ Satin Cami - ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Retro

aussie curves plus size fashion outfit blogger curvy RETRO-1

Today I want to take you on a visual journey, to share one of my new favourite places in my town and my outfit from this week's challenge. I wont speak much because there's too much to say and often when that happens it's better to say nothing at all... enjoy! Velvet Dress - Damn You Alexis for City Chic Fringed Jacket - Tree of Life Earrings - Lovisa Bangles - City Chic Necklace - Virtu Gold Glomesh Bag - Vintage Tan ... [ Discover More ]

The Vogue Factor


Late Wednesday night I received a call from Chelsea Bonner of Bella Models, she wanted to know if I'd like to attend Kirstie Clements "The Vogue Factor" book launch the following night... um, sure you know, whatever. I almost died. A vogue party full of vogue people at a vogue location, sipping vogue drinks, all wearing very vogue things. A slight panic attack ensued. How do you prepare for such an event with less that 24hrs notice? The answer is you do it quickly. I had to dye my roots over ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Purple

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Outfit Blogger Eliza Parker Australian Curvy PURPLE-1

Wow, I can't believe we're already at 26 weeks, halfway through the challenge! This week's theme is purple and at first I was positively stumped, I had no idea what I would wear. I like purple, I appreciate purple but I just don't find myself wearing it very often. I recently thrifted a silky purple skirt but I've already featured it on AC so I was determined to shop my wardrobe and come up with something new... well this is definitely different! Magenta Miami Dress - Eliza ... [ Discover More ]

Summer Brights at Target

Target Australia Bright Summer Colour Accessories Plus Size Outdoor Fashion Beauty-7

This post is sponsored by Target Australia. There is something splendid about summer and even though I'm strapped for cash (the new couch was finally delivered!) I didn't want that to stop me from living fabulously. Usually I'd be quite content hiding away inside with the air conditioner but with Stephanie here I seem to have a constant urge to do frivolous, girly, sisterly things. She leaves next week and I'm trying my best not to think about it. You could say doing stuff like this is ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Mixing Patterns

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Outfit White Woman Curvy ootd CLASH-1

My eyes hurt just looking at this post. I guess that wasn't really the point of this week's theme "Mixing Patterns" but I don't blame the outfit, it's the lurid acid lime green walls at my local shopping center car park. Suger took these photos for me and it seemed like a good idea at the time. We'd just had a lovely mexican dinner (hi food baby) and we were heading back to the car when I told everyone to stop so I could get my model on... would you believe no one batted an eyelid. Outfit photos ... [ Discover More ]

Danimezza SWIM 2012


 I'm just a little overwhelmed, I still can't believe it. There it is, the very first SWIM Lookbook and my first attempt at digital publishing... please be kind. I'll come back later in the week once I've recovered and tell you more about the whole experience. For now just click, view, enjoy and then come back here and tell me what you think! ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Strapless

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Outfit White Woman Curvy ootd STRAPLESS-1

Strapless... wow, now that's something I haven't done in awhile. For years I bought dresses and tops that were totally cute but seriously not practical, this is one of them. I bought it from City Chic many moons ago and I keep trying to sell it and then lose my nerve last minute. It's a size S and it really is a bit too small but I don't care, it's the fabric... I'm in love! Black Forrest Necklace - Wild Bling (similar) Blue Foil Strapless Top - City Chic circa 2007 Adore Contour ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Pastels

Aussie Curves Outfit Plus Size Curvy Woman Brunette White Neon Pastel -1

I'm pretty pale, there's no denying it, so wearing lighter colours often leaves me looking washed out and a bit sickly so I was nervous about "Pastels". I knew during summer I'd want to embrace lighter clothing with easy layers and lots of white, it's a fun colourful trend I didn't want to miss out on. I decided to blend a pastel shade of aqua with white and neon to funk it up a bit. I also wanted to show you that white pants weren't just for old ladies or skinny women on yachts, big girls can ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Polka Dots

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Outfit Curvy Danimezza Polka Dot-1

I don't own polka dot stuff anymore. I went through a phase a few years ago prior to Aidan, my true love is florals. I had to borrow a stock item I used in a photo shoot to be able to participate this week. It's a tankini top but because the support is so good I can wear it like a top without a bra, love that! Polka dots scream "RETRO" to me so I knew I'd have to wear these funky sunglasses Suger gave me a few months ago. Once I had the two items I built the rest of the outfit around them. I ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Stripes


Wow, you guys really loved last week's theme "Tribal", I was totally blown away by the response. This week's theme is "Stripes" and would you believe I didn't pack a single striped garment when I went to Hayman! Such a beautiful place for photos and I had nothing to wear! Tragic I know but this afternoon Steve came home a bit early and took these pics for me so I could catch up with the rest of the crew. Seriously if I don't have my Aussie Curves post up on on a Monday morning I feel like I'm ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Leggings


This week it's all about Leggings and aren't these total crackers! I'm loving the floral pant/legging trend at the moment, if you look in any magazine you'll see them. I wasn't sure if I could pull them off but since I have an undying love of florals it was a risk I was willing to take. I paid $24.95 for this pair at Crossroads last week, I'm wearing a size XXL to fit my ample booty. They do go all the way to your ankle but I hitched them up as I liked the current crop look, especially when worn ... [ Discover More ]