Aussie Curves – Black & White

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I've been feeling in a bit of a funk lately. We've been sick, endo has kicked me hard and I've been pushed hard as far as work's concerned so pretty outfits and posing for photos has had to wait. My sister arrived this week so she's helping me catch up on sharing my outfits by taking the photos for me, because she's awesome like that. That means no more beige wall for awhile, yay! As soon as I saw Black & White week was coming up I knew I wanted to wear this dress. I had it in my 'saved' ... [ Discover More ]

Tarazz Beauty Brunch


Last Friday I was invited to the very first beauty launch of Tarazz at The Sailor's Club at Rose Bay. A really beautiful space over the water, looking out across the marina and flooded with light... I wanted to move in and call it home. I got frocked up and headed into the city early, I was really looking forward to catching up with the Tarazz team who were flying up from Melbourne for the event. Guests started trickling in and I soon found myself surrounded by beauty editors from all ... [ Discover More ]

Into the Woods


Last year I worked on a few photography projects and this is the last of them that I'm finally able to share with you. I photographed Kirsty (dark wood nymph) and Amy (light wood nymph) in a small plantation in Richmond, the same place I photographed Delphina for the lingerie shoot. It was a lot of fun and my first attempt at posing two models and storyboarding. Just for kicks, in a few sentences tell me what you think the story is about. ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Orange

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I knew exactly what I wanted to wear for this week's challenge "Orange" and both items were brand new into my wardrobe thanks to the PSFWA Clothes Swap. When Gisela busted into the joint wearing one of her new creations I knew that at some point I'd have to try it on. Thankfully she's an awesome friend and let me prance about it in for awhile but then she said she loved it on me so much that I should keep it. Who in their right mind was going to say no to that offer? No one. The maxi skirt is ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Pastels

Aussie Curves Outfit Plus Size Curvy Woman Brunette White Neon Pastel -1

I'm pretty pale, there's no denying it, so wearing lighter colours often leaves me looking washed out and a bit sickly so I was nervous about "Pastels". I knew during summer I'd want to embrace lighter clothing with easy layers and lots of white, it's a fun colourful trend I didn't want to miss out on. I decided to blend a pastel shade of aqua with white and neon to funk it up a bit. I also wanted to show you that white pants weren't just for old ladies or skinny women on yachts, big girls can ... [ Discover More ]

27 Blinks


Yesterday, the 17th of July was my 27th birthday. Steve was at work and Aidan was at daycare so I was a free agent for the morning. We weren't flush with cash so shopping was out of the question as were any beauty treatments or even the idea of getting my hair done. Rather than going home to sit in front of my computer I decided to change things up a bit. I grabbed some lunch and headed to the duck ponds. It was a beautiful sunny day, the air was cool and crisp but the sun was so warm and ... [ Discover More ]

Romantic Escape


On the 24th of March 2007 a girl married a boy and for the following five years they lived happily in love. Just in case you were wondering I was the girl and the boy was Steve. To celebrate 9 years together and 5 years of marriage we went over budget and splurged on a fancy pants hotel in the Blue Mountains for the night. We stayed at Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa which is full of old world charm and detailed upholstery. The bed was huge, soft and the sheets were worth every ... [ Discover More ]