Teenage Me

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My relationship with food has changed many times over the years but a few factors have unfortunately remained constant. Yes, as you can imagine food isn't just fuel to me, we're inextricably linked emotionally. Often I'd be fuelled purely by my feelings and not hunger when I entered the kitchen. I wouldn't say I've had to battle with food (if I did I constantly waved the white flag, hello thighs!) but as I've gotten older I've also become more perceptive not only of what I eat but why. They say ... [ Discover More ]

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Last Thursday Aidan and I ventured into Sydney for an event. Usually I go to these things alone but I was excited to bring Aidan along for the day. He just loves to go on "adventures" with me on the train into the big city. He slipped his shoes on, grabbed his hat, clipped on his backpack and was ready to go. We arrived at Custom House in Circular Quay bright and early ready for a fun morning out. Aidan ran up the steps, turned around and asked me to take a photo so Dadda could see his ... [ Discover More ]

Dinner, a Birds Eye View

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Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia The last few months have been manic. In order for me to balance out my work flow, the housework, playtime and downtime a few things have had to slide... fancy elaborate meals at dinner time were one of them. I don't feel guilty though as I made sure they were still healthy. Coming into the warmer months has made it easier, lots of pasta salads, quick sizzling steak and fresh seasonal salads. We've also been eating a lot of steamed vegetables and fish so when ... [ Discover More ]