Aussie Curves – Time Saver

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit Asos Curve Jumper Torrid Jeans Blonde TIME SAVER -7

I'm chronically 15 minutes late, ask anyone who knows me. I never intend to be, I just have trouble prioritising and as an added bonus I feel like I have the capacity to do ALL THE THINGS all at once... it drives Steve up the wall. Time just never seems to be on my side and my day-to-day outfits usually reflect that. It needs to be an effortless, simple outfit to get me out the door on time. For a fancy event I'll usually allocate half a day in order to get ready and arrive in the city on time, ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Off The Runway

Aussie Curves Danimezza Blogger Outfit Fashion Plus Size Blonde RUNWAY-6

This week the challenge is to steal a style "Off The Runway" and interpret the look in your own way. Endless possibilities. I discovered the look above by Marissa Webb (Spring 2014) and knew instantly that I could make it work. I already owned a metallic gold skirt and my crisp blouse was begging to be worn. I didn't have a white tie so I added some simple chains. I didn't have super strappy heels but I did have a cute pair of nude t-bars. Basically same-same but different. It was really cool ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Maxi Skirt

Danimezza Aussie Curves Plus Size Blogger Outfit Challenge Virtu Modcloth Youtheary Khmer MAXI SKIRT -1

I have to admit I've been a little bit excited about this week's theme because it gives me the perfect excuse to twirl about in one of my favourite pieces, my Youtheary Khmer skirt that I got via ModCloth. I also have it in pink, you might remember it from my time in New York. It's still one of my favourite outfits so you know how it goes... buy it in every colour! I received an awesome package from TS14+ and Virtu last week and as soon as I opened it I knew straight away that the gemstone ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Yellow

Danimezza Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit curvy australian curls blonde nude target modcloth YELLOW-6

I've never really worn yellow and during the last yellow challenge I struggled, coming up with only accessories to add flair. This time things are totally different. Over the past couple of months that I've been blonde I've been experimenting with colour a lot and it would seem yellow is one of my new favourites. The dress is a new purchase from ModCloth and I love it's name "Cumin Kindness". It's such a gentle dress, so soft and flowing. In fact when I stepped out of the car in Manly ... [ Discover More ]

Kate Spade Wishlist

Kate Spade

This morning I'm heading to an event for Tarazz but last night as I was going through their updated site just to refresh in my mind what was on offer but I stumbled across a section I'd never been in before. I think it's new because I'm pretty sure I would have been all over it by now, Tarazz can ship Kate Spade to Australia. Sephora and Kate Spade all in one place... are you freaking kidding me?!?! With Christmas coming up and my family and friends potentially looking for gifts (maybe you're ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Leather

aussie curves plus size danimezza blogger outfit leather-20

This gorgeous skirt is the very first leather garment that's graced my wardrobe and I'm not sure I could ever part with it. I've had it for about a year and when I wear it I feel expensive and edgy. Sometimes you need that, like when you're going out to a new place with new people, the right clothing choice can give you a confidence boost. I firmly believe we dress to reflect the way we feel and sometimes if we get the combination just right we can dress a certain way and our emotions adapt to ... [ Discover More ]

3 Annies Silver Leather Audrey Lu Camera Bag Review

3 annies three leather camera bags australian silver audrey lu review -1

Towards the end of last year Australian Owned camera bag designers 3 Annies released a limited edition of 20 Silver "Audrey Lu" Leather Camera Bags and thanks to some timely Christmas money I contacted them in January and asked if they had any left. They had just two left but they wanted to give one to me... I was blown away! Turns out Margo (and her daughter and business partner Rowe) had found me via my Kelly Moore Libby Bag review from a few years ago and was hooked on my blog. I said I ... [ Discover More ]

Wonderlust for The Iconic

Wonderlust The Iconic

Brand new Australian Plus Size fashion label "Wonderlust" hit the online shelves of The Iconic Curvy yesterday. I was excited to learn more  so I had a chat to Claire Primrose from 17 Sundays who is a part of the design team about the range and what we could expect from them in 2013. What was the driving force behind starting Wonderlust and how was 17 Sundays involved? "We worked with The Iconic to develop and incept the brand based on the need for a younger quick-to-market line. We presented ... [ Discover More ]

Summer Brights at Target

Target Australia Bright Summer Colour Accessories Plus Size Outdoor Fashion Beauty-7

This post is sponsored by Target Australia. There is something splendid about summer and even though I'm strapped for cash (the new couch was finally delivered!) I didn't want that to stop me from living fabulously. Usually I'd be quite content hiding away inside with the air conditioner but with Stephanie here I seem to have a constant urge to do frivolous, girly, sisterly things. She leaves next week and I'm trying my best not to think about it. You could say doing stuff like this is ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Strapless

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Outfit White Woman Curvy ootd STRAPLESS-1

Strapless... wow, now that's something I haven't done in awhile. For years I bought dresses and tops that were totally cute but seriously not practical, this is one of them. I bought it from City Chic many moons ago and I keep trying to sell it and then lose my nerve last minute. It's a size S and it really is a bit too small but I don't care, it's the fabric... I'm in love! Black Forrest Necklace - Wild Bling (similar) Blue Foil Strapless Top - City Chic circa 2007 Adore Contour ... [ Discover More ]



Caitlin and I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning and headed out to grab some breakfast and a few things for the room but before we could do any of that we had to take outfit photos... obviously! I'm wearing a metallic oversized bronze sweater from Autograph, black capris and black and silver chunky necklace from Virtu, black singlet from TS14+, black Havianas, bangles from City Chic, canvas tote from Target and sunglasses from Equip. It was nice to just chuck something comfortable ... [ Discover More ]