10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


I spend a fair amount of my time on instagram, it's one of my happy places. Not only do I enjoy sharing snippets of my life there but I love to delve into others. I'm always interested in discovering new fun accounts so I thought I'd share a few of mine (in no particular order) and I hope you share a few of yours in the comments below... enjoy! @agirlastyle : Pink, gold, luxe, floral, feminine and parisian. @abeachcottage : Dreamy vignettes and soft Australian ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Maxi Skirt

Danimezza Aussie Curves Plus Size Blogger Outfit Challenge Virtu Modcloth Youtheary Khmer MAXI SKIRT -1

I have to admit I've been a little bit excited about this week's theme because it gives me the perfect excuse to twirl about in one of my favourite pieces, my Youtheary Khmer skirt that I got via ModCloth. I also have it in pink, you might remember it from my time in New York. It's still one of my favourite outfits so you know how it goes... buy it in every colour! I received an awesome package from TS14+ and Virtu last week and as soon as I opened it I knew straight away that the gemstone ... [ Discover More ]

Beige… OMG Beige!

Danimezza Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit curvy australian Floral pale blonde nude kmart modcloth Yellow-5

A lot of you are sick of this wall. I totally get it. We rent the house we live in so as far as making changes we can mulch and occasionally weed but that's about it. AS you can see I'm totally awesome at that. Plants only go into that skinny full sun garden bed to die and I just can't sacrifice any more living things for the sake of pretty photos. The light is really good in that spot and it's easy because it's right out the front of my door so no dashing around town with the baby in the ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Oversized

aussie curves plus size fashion blogger sydney australia black 17 sundays harlow old navy equip payless shoes OVERSIZE-1

This is me, trying to catch up. Rushed after a full day of juggling work and a sick baby. I know "Oversized" week is well and truly over but here I am with an outfit, a few poses and a positive attitude to tick things off my to-do list. When I stared blankly into my wardrobe the first thing that jumped out and bit me was my giant black fuzzy wuzzy jumper from 17 Sundays. It's definitely my guilty winter pleasure. The knit is super stretchy, the fibres are smooth and silky even Aidan loves ... [ Discover More ]

Camera Gear Packing

camera gear-1

Last year I failed to deliver on news whilst in New York, I felt horrible about it but I tried. I tried to share every little part of my trip but I felt a constant delay. A delay in editing, in finding the right words, in finding sleep. I realised that the way I planned to share was as grand as it was flawed so this year I've made changes. Limited internet was my biggest hurdle so I've bought an unlimited calls and data sim upon recommendations from other Aussies who have traveled to the USA ... [ Discover More ]

Into the Woods


Last year I worked on a few photography projects and this is the last of them that I'm finally able to share with you. I photographed Kirsty (dark wood nymph) and Amy (light wood nymph) in a small plantation in Richmond, the same place I photographed Delphina for the lingerie shoot. It was a lot of fun and my first attempt at posing two models and storyboarding. Just for kicks, in a few sentences tell me what you think the story is about. ... [ Discover More ]

Captured Curves – Jessica Eisner

JESS E Bella Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Model-4

Dress: Topshop Jacket: Roxy Lipstick: MAC Bag: Sportsgirl Shoes: Novo Sunglasses: Ray Bans How old are you and when did you first start modelling? I am 19 turning 20 in a month!  I was with a little people's agency when I was younger didn't get any work from them so I didn't keep going with that. I have always wanted to be a model but never knew about plus size agency's until I left high school and I found Bella Models and sent in my digis and was signed pretty much straight ... [ Discover More ]

Tim Tam Love


Last Thursday Aidan and I ventured into Sydney for an event. Usually I go to these things alone but I was excited to bring Aidan along for the day. He just loves to go on "adventures" with me on the train into the big city. He slipped his shoes on, grabbed his hat, clipped on his backpack and was ready to go. We arrived at Custom House in Circular Quay bright and early ready for a fun morning out. Aidan ran up the steps, turned around and asked me to take a photo so Dadda could see his ... [ Discover More ]

Room to Write

Danimezza Studio Office Room Study 2013-1

Space at my house is at a premium. Each square inch has to be functional or at the very least clutter free. When Stephanie came to live with us for a few months my studio was turned into a guest room and a dumping ground. After she left I reclaimed it as my studio but it needed a fair bit of work to bring it up to scratch. I emptied the room, cleaned everything and rearranged the furniture. A different view for the new year. In the past my desk has sat up against the window. I loved the light ... [ Discover More ]

Camilla AW 2013 Lookbook: Tales from a Reading Room


I don't usually do this sort of thing but when I was sent Camilla's new lookbook "Tales from a Reading Room" today (styled by Mark Vassallo) I was completely enraptured by it that I just had to share some of the images. Pieces aren't yet available for sale but I'll let you know as soon as they are. A Camilla gown is on my wish list and some styles look amazing on plus size women. "The reading room - old books, storytelling, crackling fire and a glass of rich red wine.... A place where I ... [ Discover More ]

Weight Watchers


I was surprised when a reader tweeted me to say I'd been mentioned in the February issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. I wasn't aware at all as I don't read it and I'd chosen to pass on the work opportunity offered by the WW marketing team last year to my friend Amanda who needed it more. Seems the ladies at the magazine like what I do regardless, thank you! In case you can't read it, it's says: "This mum, photographer and fashion enthusiast shares her thoughts on what's hot, what fits and life ... [ Discover More ]

Home Stylin

03:01:12 outfit

Yesterday I told you about my new fancy pants mirror... well after several hours of Aidan "helping" me put the drawers together there it is, the finished product. I'm over the moon. You can imagine me smuggly strutting about the house, proud of my flat pack constructing skills. Totally by surprise both the mirror and the drawers sit neatly side by side. I didn't plan on doing that but to be honest I really wasn't sure where I was going to put the bloody thing! It wasn't until I stepped back that ... [ Discover More ]

Danimezza SWIM 2012


 I'm just a little overwhelmed, I still can't believe it. There it is, the very first SWIM Lookbook and my first attempt at digital publishing... please be kind. I'll come back later in the week once I've recovered and tell you more about the whole experience. For now just click, view, enjoy and then come back here and tell me what you think! ... [ Discover More ]

I Heart My Body 2012

iheartmybody Danimezza Plus Size Nude Body Confidence Self Love Awareness Beauty-2

I've just eaten a bowl of spaghetti for dinner and Aidan is playing quietly with his iPad. The sun is going down. "Just do it" I whisper my mantra softly to myself, soon I'm bare faced and naked. My hair is exactly how it looked when I woke up this morning. I grab the camera, set up the shot and call Steve quietly. "Just hold the button down, it will take two seconds" and I was right. It was done, they were taken and it was painless. This isn't a new frontier for me, this naked business. My body ... [ Discover More ]

Curvy Cover


Adele is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine (out October 11th), her pretty eyes peeping out through the hipster filter. It's a gorgeous cover, she's a gorgeous woman but tell me... where the hell is Adele's body? I've been a fan of Adele's before she was cool and rocking the charts, I love the woman. She's made me feel, made me cry and made me scream out lyrics so hard in my car it's made my chest hurt. She gets me and I get her. What I don't get is the whole ... [ Discover More ]



This post is photo heavy so brace yourselves, it's all about the runway show I attended during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2012 for TS14+. I still feel so privileged and lucky to have gone and covered the event. It's hard to describe the energy of a runway show, I'm totally addicted to the drama of it all. I wasn't the only lucky one either, the free event had gift bags for the first fifty people at each show (they had a 5:30pm and a 6:30pm showing) and they were really good. A little ... [ Discover More ]

SHUTTER Bag Giveaway


Before I headed to New York for Full Figured Fashion Week the lovely Cherie from SHUTTER bag sent me the brand new Purple Safari Camera Bag to take with me on my adventures. Camera bags really are the gift that keep on giving for me, again and again and again. I kick myself for having bought those Lowepro cross body pouches for all those years, I'm a fashionable camera bag convert and quite happy to drag everyone else over to the dark side with me. I love my Kelly Moore "Libby" bag, it's big, ... [ Discover More ]

My Portrait Couture Gallery


As I explained earlier this week, the photoshoot experience with GM Photographics was pretty awesome. Everyday that went past waiting for the finished images to arrive was torture but they were worth the wait. The session and prints were a gift for me to review so I was so excited to see how they'd turn out. They arrived in a sleek, beautiful presentation box embossed with the GM Photographics logo on the cover and Portrait Couture embossed on the spine. It was all just a bit fancy. Inside ... [ Discover More ]

GM Photographics Portrait Couture


Before I left for New York I was treated to something very special, a Portrait Couture session with GM Photographics. Now lets get real here, I'm not camera shy and I've done my fair share of professional and amateur photo shoots but this was probably one of the most comfortable and relaxing ones I've done. Working with Simona from GM Photographics was so easy and honestly a pleasure. Being a former model herself she knew how to put you at ease as well as show you the best poses to enhance ... [ Discover More ]

The Art of Interviewing Children

1 sample page

A few years ago I bit the bullet and invested in a big, expensive, fancy pants camera and I felt I could finally call myself a photographer. You and I both know that just because you have the gear, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re a professional but there is nothing to stop you from trying to be, to look for opportunities to learn and progress as an artist whether you intend to make money from it or not. I know a lot of bloggers who take beautiful photographs, documenting their daily lives ... [ Discover More ]

10 Things to Take to an Event


#1 - PENS: Don't assume that they will be at the event, you will need one to write down product codes you love, names of people you want to google when you get home, notes of what was on the menu and writing down your details for others if you happen to loose or run of business cards. #2 - BUSINESS CARDS: Take five times the amount you think you'll need, it's better to have more than less. You may be handing your card to someone and then out pops somebody new asking if they can have one as ... [ Discover More ]

How to “Fix” your Portraits with Face Cam iPhone App


When I first came across the Face Cam App for iPhone on iTunes it came highly recommended and as I love a good photography App I decided to pay the $0.99 and try it out. The features looked promising and I was excited by an app that seemed quick and simple to use. However I really wasn't expecting how completely unrecognisable the photos could become with only just a few tweeks (their Photo Makeover App is even worse) so I thought I'd share with you the things I love (and disagree with) about ... [ Discover More ]

How To Take Awesome Instagram Outfit Photos


Snapping my outfits quickly with my iPhone before I leave the house has changed the way I share my passions online and introduced me to a whole new world of "everyday fashionistas". The photos I posted when I started using Instagram were quite crude, kind of boring and lacked a bit of imagination. It's only after a few months of watching, engaging and learning about instagram and outfit photos in general that I've picked up a few tricks to make your outfit photos as awesome as they should be and ... [ Discover More ]