City Chic Outlet Shopping

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On Sunday Jo had organised an Aussie Curves Meet Up Event at the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbeltown, NSW. Jo and I were on the tail end of a huge weekend (more on that later) but we were still excited to go shopping with Claire, Rachel and Sunny. I've only been there once before and I have to say that going with a group of friends is way better than going alone. Of course I didn't want you to miss out on the fun either so I filmed it all... City Chic Outlet Store Brands On Sale 32 ... [ Discover More ]

SWIM+ 2013 Behind the Scenes

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This Friday is the launch of SWIM+, my annual swimsuit summer inspired lookbook for curvy women over a size 14 and it's absolutely FREE! The swim and resort wear is photographed on gorgeous Australian models sized 16-20 styled and shot by me. I wanted to show consumers how garments looked on women who needed a little more physical and emotional support from their summer attire. From shyly showing the internet my body in a cheap ebay halter suit in my backyard, to posing on a yacht with my ... [ Discover More ]

Leave, Get Out

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You may not be aware but hiding in a secluded corner of facebook, is a private Aussie Curves group. A little fashion haven for women who need a jump start in confidence away from the world. It's also for those of us who live and breathe fashion and somehow enable others along the way. It's a lovely accepting and uplifting place and I've worked really hard to keep it that way. I love facebook, I do but as far as plus size fashion pages and groups go things can slide into a dark nasty environment ... [ Discover More ]

How to Apply False Lashes


Sponsored by Tarazz Earlier this year I placed my very first Tarazz order of Sephora products. After being introduced to the cosmetic powerhouse in New York last year I couldn't wait to get my hands on more goodies, especially at very reasonable prices compared to Australia's overpriced counters. Fragrances, skincare, make up... it's all there. In my last order I bought some high quality lip products and an eye lash applicator. When I showed you a few were keen to see it in action so here ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC Curves in the City


There are lots of little events that happen during Full Figured Fashion Week® and the Curves in the City shopping event is one of them. It's open to the public, advance purchase tickets only cost $10 USD and it's well worth checking out. I'm glad to see that the event will be available again this year on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of June. I didn't leave myself too much time to check out what was on offer but I'm glad I did a quick whip around. Samantha, Caitlin and I were like bowerbirds ... [ Discover More ]

A Letter to MamaMia regarding Plus Size Fashion


For the past few days I have been silently fuming, unable to publicly comment on my disappointment regarding the two most recent plus size articles on MamaMia. I've had nothing but positive feedback from my outfit photos published there last year so the turn around baffles me. As much as they enraged me it was a similar smack in the face that I find repeatedly occurs in this industry and I'm afraid I'm becoming a little numb to it. I feel like I'm repeating the same thing over and over again ... [ Discover More ]

Affinia Manhattan


In less than 12 weeks I'll be here again. It feels like I've been holding my breath for months. It's so close I can taste the canapés, touch the clothes and hug my overseas friends ... electric. I wont be alone, I have Ash. I'll also have a great big city to explore and one of these beds to curl up in. Surrounded by charger cords, battling the internet, eating skittles and missing home at 2am. This trip will be different from the last, I've grown up a little bit more. I'm a little bit ... [ Discover More ]

Savings, Spendings & Debt


I was on facebook sticking my nose into everyone else's business when Suger Coat It's latest post popped up into my feed. She was talking about her relationship with credit cards, paying off debt and sharing a few lessons she'd learnt along the way. Instantly I was inspired. You know when you read a great blog post and then you find yourself writing paragraph after paragraph in the comments, almost hijacking the entire post? Well that's what I almost did so I messaged Suger to let her know I ... [ Discover More ]

Change Room Confessions: Target 2


This post is sponsored by Target Australia. Last month I showed you a few of the things I liked at Target and even pulled them into outfits. I was frank with you about the fact that I wasn't exactly blown away by the MODA range and I'm happy to report that Target appreciated my honesty. One thing I noticed a lot of people mentioning in the comment section of the last Change Room Confessions post was that most of you were having luck finding pieces in the standard size section which now goes ... [ Discover More ]

The Iconic Curvy Collection

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The Iconic created a special lookbook showcasing their Curvy Collection for the Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia event that I hosted almost a month ago. Yes, I haven't had a chance to share it with you all yet but I will be this week don't worry. It really was an amazing event but first I want to share with you the imagery from the lookbook, doesn't Laura Wells look amazing! For a brand to go out of their way to whip up something beautiful like this just for us I just had to share... ... [ Discover More ]


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Just quietly, this week has been mental. We've had Melissa and Kelvin from Suger Coat It here since last Thursday afternoon. The house has been a buzz with blog talk, outfit photo marathon sessions and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. Aidan's deemed "Kelvy" as his favourite and follows him around like a little shadow. As you can see from the photo, they've made themselves at home and I couldn't be more happy about it. On Friday Suger and I were invited to attend the Sydney Bloggers Brunch ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Stripes


Wow, you guys really loved last week's theme "Tribal", I was totally blown away by the response. This week's theme is "Stripes" and would you believe I didn't pack a single striped garment when I went to Hayman! Such a beautiful place for photos and I had nothing to wear! Tragic I know but this afternoon Steve came home a bit early and took these pics for me so I could catch up with the rest of the crew. Seriously if I don't have my Aussie Curves post up on on a Monday morning I feel like I'm ... [ Discover More ]



Caitlin and I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning and headed out to grab some breakfast and a few things for the room but before we could do any of that we had to take outfit photos... obviously! I'm wearing a metallic oversized bronze sweater from Autograph, black capris and black and silver chunky necklace from Virtu, black singlet from TS14+, black Havianas, bangles from City Chic, canvas tote from Target and sunglasses from Equip. It was nice to just chuck something comfortable ... [ Discover More ]