Salt + Silence

beach 2

After the Christmas holiday break with my family in Port Stephens I was really unhappy. I missed the togetherness, the seaside living and weirdly enough, the disconnect. I left my laptop at home for over a week, barely used my phone (except to take pics) and put my email in vacation mode. That might not sound like a big sacrifice to most but for me it was like going completely off the grid... and I liked it. I liked it so much that after we got home a week later Aidan and I left Steve at home to ... [ Discover More ]

Front Row Family

kmart 1

On Monday Aidan and I were flown down to Melbourne for the day to attend the Kmart Spring/Summer Fashion Launch. It was very exciting for Aidan who was pumped about it for days, I on the other hand was worried about the logistics and possible public tantrums from over tiredness. I needn't have worried because he was an absolute superstar the whole trip, up and out of his bed at 4am and back in it by 9:30pm. By Kmart We arrived just as everyone was finding seats for the show. The event was ... [ Discover More ]

Where Does the Time Go?

darwin Collage

I recently flew to the Northern Territory which is where I grew up, it was a secret and utterly magical. Darwin was brilliant. I turned 28, surprised my friends, got dressed up for the races, got to snuggle babies and chilled out by the beach on numerous occasions. The only thing that could have made my birthday sweeter was having my boys by my side. Whilst everyone down home was wearing track pants and jumpers, I was working my shorts and chiffon numbers. The weather was spectacularly ... [ Discover More ]

Fashionable Flying


My flight to New York was going to be a long one, 24hrs of being cramped up in a small space eating food off a tray and trying to sleep. I barely got any sleep the night before I flew out, I was too anxious and excited. I just kept thinking about what was on the other side of the flight... New York. I kissed my baby goodbye, choked back the tears and gripped Steve's hand all the way to the airport. My flight wasn't until 10am but I was there by 5:30am keen as mustard. No make up for me on ... [ Discover More ]

Affinia Manhattan


In less than 12 weeks I'll be here again. It feels like I've been holding my breath for months. It's so close I can taste the canapés, touch the clothes and hug my overseas friends ... electric. I wont be alone, I have Ash. I'll also have a great big city to explore and one of these beds to curl up in. Surrounded by charger cords, battling the internet, eating skittles and missing home at 2am. This trip will be different from the last, I've grown up a little bit more. I'm a little bit ... [ Discover More ]

Thong Free Zone

flip flops

I was sponsored to attend FFFWeek 2012 by TS14+ It feels a bit weird to be talking about the end of FFFWeek without explaining all the fabulous things that happened in the middle but this post may be considered time critical. Before I fully explain myself I wanted to show you a happy photo of myself, hanging out with the gorgeous Olivia of Wait Until the Sunset. We're mingling after the show talking to and photographing as many people as possible. I felt like I hardly saw Olivia the whole ... [ Discover More ]

Misplaced in New York


I am very aware that I've hardly spoken about NYC. There are several reasons I can give you as to why I haven't but I'm not exactly sure which one is more true. You see something happened when I arrived (actually it was probably the second or third day) but it changed something within me. New York changed me... ugh I'm such a freaking cliche. I'd never traveled far from home on my own before and even then I still had Caitlin as my travel buddy and room mate. I wasn't alone-alone but I ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Shorts

Aussie Curves Danimezza plus size fashion outfit SHORTS-1

As you might be able to guess, I'm at the beach for the holidays to celebrate Christmas with my family. I seriously considered skipping this week's challenge. We had a long drive, I still couldn't find any shorts that I really liked and to be honest I wanted to play hooky and you know, not do my homework. At the last moment I had a change of heart, I went to Kmart and grabbed the first pair of shorts I could find that fit and what's done is done. No make up, no fancy hair, not even a properly ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Picnic


Last week's 'Stripes' theme was fun, it pushed me a little bit out of my comfort zone and I'm not even 100% sure I pulled it off. This week's theme is 'Picnic' which basically means no rules so I was determined to keep my look laid back and simple, everyday Danimezza style. I packed 'the most beautiful picnic basket in the world' with lots of delicious goodies for us to eat in the late afternoon sun. I made a fresh batch of brownies just for the occasion and splashed out on some yummy cheese. ... [ Discover More ]

American Tourister Giveaway


After getting so many tweets, emails and questions via email I thought I'd share a little bit more about my gorgeous luggage from American Tourister... it's VERY me isn't it! After I knew my trip to FFFWeek was confirmed I contacted American Tourister via facebook asking if they would be interested in a collaboration. I knew they were experimenting with social media as their facebook page was new and they'd recently done a giveaway with Nuffnang. It never hurts to ask and in the end it worked ... [ Discover More ]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Childhood

pajero 001

 If you've voted, commented or shared any of my posts for the Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Competition, thank you so much. If you haven't there is still time, just click the link, click on my face and enter your email address to go in the running to win $5000 cash! This week's post is all about "childhood" so I decided to mix up parts of my past with parts of our present. I hope you enjoy the video and the little sneak peek into what it was like for me growing up, almost a total contrast to ... [ Discover More ]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Passenger


As one of the (extremely lucky, like omg how did that even happen?!?!) Top 5 chosen from the Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Bloggers competition I'm required to write four blog posts on specific topics over the next few weeks. Who knows, if I do a good job I might get to drive this bad boy around for a whole year and maybe even land myself in New York in August for BlogHer alongside the likes of Woogsworld, Edenland and Styling You... as they say, it would be #totesamaze!!! A beautiful brand ... [ Discover More ]



Yesterday my Grandparents "Poppy" and "Grandma" (my father's parents) came to visit us for the afternoon. We hadn't seen them since September and Grandma had been quite ill. Even though we only live a few hours drive away, Aidan's constant sniffles and colds made it difficult to visit for fear of making her condition worse. It was lovely to see her so well and playful. Aidan couldn't get enough them both, he loved them to bits and as you can tell they loved him right back. They played cars, ... [ Discover More ]

Thankfully Grounded


I’m not sure why I let it affect me so much, this feeling of inadequacy, the mistrust in my own decisions and constant fear of social rejection. I know these feelings have been around much longer than my career in social media, so why is it taking me so long to shift my mindset? Surely my teenage years are over and it’s time to become a confident adult… right? Despite pulling back on social engagements in order to free up more time to writing, creating content and exploring new creative ... [ Discover More ]