What’s in my Wardrobe

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This is my studio wardrobe, not exactly glamorous but it does the job, the majority of my clothes are stored in my bedroom wardrobe. This is an ever evolving space where I keep my high rotation accessories, latest PR garments and new clothes I've yet to share in an outfit post. Being able to see all the items clearly makes it easier (and more fun) for me to dream up outfits. I was sorting through my studio today and I thought you might like to have a little looksie. We may be going into ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Belts

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Blogger White Brunette Lace Belts-1

Belts have a way of highlighting the shape of a woman. The right belt can make or break an outfit. I have a few favourites that I could never part with and this is one of them. It's big, bulky and awesome. It feels like a mini corset and to be completely honest it makes me feel like a total badass. Mix up that vibe with something I'm a little more used to like glittery gems, sequins, silky satin and you've got an outfit that's completely me. Shirt Dress - TS14+ Satin Cami - ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Black & White

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit Curvy Black White -2

The black and white fashion combination is truly a girls best friend and there are millions of ways you can incorporate it into your look. After staring at my wardrobe for awhile I decided to go all out in one of my favourite maxi dresses from Crossroads. It has a simple silhouette, a great neckline, stretchy fabric, a forgiving print and I'm pretty sure I got it on sale before Christmas. I'm wearing a size XXL. Tribal Print Maxi Dress - Crossroads Pink Bling Enamel Hinged Bangle - ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Texture

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Outfit Blogger 17 Sundays Wild Bling TEXTURE-1

When I saw that this week's theme was "Texture" I instantly knew what I'd be wearing, there was no doubt about it. This dress is one of my favourites but it's an "occasional dress". Why? Well, because it's so damn delicate! There is a slip underneath to keep me modest but the overall dress is made with a ladder stitch making it completely see-through. I have to make sure none of my jewellery catches, not only is it a pain in the ass but I'd also be heartbroken if I damaged the dress. It's a ... [ Discover More ]

Danimezza SWIM 2012


 I'm just a little overwhelmed, I still can't believe it. There it is, the very first SWIM Lookbook and my first attempt at digital publishing... please be kind. I'll come back later in the week once I've recovered and tell you more about the whole experience. For now just click, view, enjoy and then come back here and tell me what you think! ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Strapless

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fashion Outfit White Woman Curvy ootd STRAPLESS-1

Strapless... wow, now that's something I haven't done in awhile. For years I bought dresses and tops that were totally cute but seriously not practical, this is one of them. I bought it from City Chic many moons ago and I keep trying to sell it and then lose my nerve last minute. It's a size S and it really is a bit too small but I don't care, it's the fabric... I'm in love! Black Forrest Necklace - Wild Bling (similar) Blue Foil Strapless Top - City Chic circa 2007 Adore Contour ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Blue


I always knew that for this week's theme "Blue" I would wear this skirt. I have so many blue items but this one is always my standout piece. It's super comfy with stretchy fabric and a great length for me going all the way from my waist to my knee. I usually layer it with a singlet, cardigan and flats for a casual "Mumma" look or I can dress it up with a nice blouse and heels. Spidermesh Cardi - TS14+ gifted Floral Dress cut into a Top - Lily & Lou (BigW) circa 2010 Blue Pencil ... [ Discover More ]

17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART THREE


Read PART TWO Here. You know it's a good night when you're taking tipsy photos of yourself in the dingy bar toilets don't you? In my defence I forgot to take a photo before I left the hotel and if I waited to take it when I got back to the room... well no one would want to see that! I decided to change out of my 17 Sundays outfit as I was afraid they might get ruined. So here I am, working it in front of the huge mirror in the sticky toilets. Classy. At least my Kiyonna dress looks amazing, ... [ Discover More ]

Bling & Bra


Everyone, I'd like you to meet Ainsley who modeled for me on Saturday for my second POSE Project, you can see my first one here.  Ainsley signed up to be the Make Up Artist but when the original assigned model had to cancel short notice she stepped up and filled both roles. The shoot took place in my bathroom with nothing more than my camera, a simple standing fixed light and of course natural light... oh and Lana Del Rey and Marina & The Diamonds playing loudly on my laptop. Ainsley sat in ... [ Discover More ]